11 Features Of iPhone Earphones You Should Definitely Try Out

Apple is dedicated to providing quality gadgets for a premium price. It is not just the iPhone that packs a lot of features, as even an accessory like the earphones has a lot to deliver.

If you thought that the iPhone earphones were simply used for listening to music, prepare to be surprised with these 11 useful features.

1. Tap The Center Button Twice To Skip A Song


2. Tap The Center Button Three Times To Start A Song From The Beginning Or Go To The Previous Track


3. To Maintain The First Call And Ignore A Second Caller, Simply Hold The Center Button For A Couple Of Seconds

4. To Activate Siri, Just Press The Center Button And Hold It For Two Seconds


5. Play Or Pause A Video Or Track By Tapping The Center Button


6. Pressing The Volume Button When The Camera App Is On Will Let You Capture Photos


7. To Answer A Call, Tap The Center Button


8. Tap The Center Button Twice And Hold To Activate The Fast Forward Feature


9. Hang Up On A Call By Tapping The Center Button Once


10. Hold A First Call And Answer A Second One By Tapping The Center Button Once


11. Rewind A Track By Tapping The Center Button Thrice


Source: OMGFacts

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