14 Simplest Life Hacks to Make Cooking & Preserving Food Easier and Faster..!

Skills always stand superior and skilled cooks have a lot of tips on how to make life easier, and it’s an inexhaustible source of wisdom! These small secrets, which most of us probably don’t know yet, will make life incredibly simple!

We would like to share 14 such great tips that will surely help save you time while cooking various delights and keep your food fresh for a longer time.

Want to Keep Sliced Cake Fresh? Here is a way!

Cover the exposed portions with pieces of bread and fix them using toothpicks. The bread will grow stale, but the cake will remain soft and fresh.

Prevent Fish From Sticking To The Grill While Cooking!


Place a fish fillet on lemon slices, and it won’t get stuck to the grill. It will give an interesting flavour to the dish, but most importantly, you won’t need to scrape the fish off of the grates.

 Want to Get Perfect Potato Slices? Here is a way!

Source: Brightside.me

You can get neat and beautiful potato slices using an apple slicer. It’s a quick and easy way!

Peeling Ginger is always Frustrating! Here is a Quick Way

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Try to peel ginger with a tea spoon. You will get a nice piece of the peeled ginger with no waste.

Keep Eggs fresh for long time

Rub egg shells with vegetable oil before putting them in the fridge, and they will stay fresh for a few weeks longer.

Ho to Keep Bananas Fresh and prevent them from over-ripping

Cover banana roots with plastic wrap and they will last 3-4 days longer.

Butter frozen? Here is an easy way to melt.

To make frozen butter soft, heat up a glass and place it on a piece of butter. Under the glass, the butter will start melting after a few minutes so you will be able to use it easily.

Trick to Keep cookies crunchy 

Crunchy cookies are delicious, but only when they are fresh and not dried up. To avoid that happening, put a slice of apple in a jar with them.

Unique and multishaped ice cubes

Freeze lemon slices in ice cubes, and you will get cool cubes for a refreshing drink. This is exactly what you need for a party in the hot summer!

How to pit cherries

You can easily remove the seeds from the cherries using a bottle and a straw. Place the cherry on the bottle’s neck and press its seed out with a straw. It will fall to the bottom, and you will get a pitted cherry.

How to melt crystallized honey

If honey has crystallized, melt it in a pan with hot water. It will become liquid again without losing its beneficial properties.

How to prevent garlic and onions from getting spoiled

Keep onions and garlic in punctured paper bags so that they won’t spoil quickly.

Keep herbs fresh and green longer

Parsley, dill, basil, spring onions, and other herbs can last much longer if you cover them with a plastic wrap and put them in the fridge.

Peeling garlic in a few seconds

To peel garlic quickly, put it in any closed jar and shake it vigorously. It turns out that it can peel itself! What a smart vegetable!

Source: BrightSide.me


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