14 Useful Ways You Can Reuse Items That You Wanted To Throw Out

Why throw out the used bottles or used jars? Why not reuse them again as a neat funnel or use a egg carton as a laptop cooler? There are so many possibilities, and you can see some of them here. 

#1 Always get perfect measures by using tape to wipe off the excess ingredient from the measuring spoon

#2 Reuse jars by combining the lid with the opening of a milk carton and make pourable jarse

#3 Cut the stem of a rose in the shape of a plus sign and dip every end in different color to make a rainbow rose 

#4 Use hair bands to secure door knobs

#5 Save money by using an egg carton as a laptop cooler

#6 Protect tiny screws with clear nail polish

#7 Make sure that loose zipper won't fall down by adding a key ring and hooking the ring on the button

#8 Store plastic bags in reused tissue boxes

#9 Straighten out the collar on your shirt by using a hair straightener 

#10 Clean hazy headlights by rubbing toothpaste on them

#11 Reuse plastic bottles by cutting the top and adding a plastic bag on the opening. Store rice or other small products in them.

#12 Old drawers can be reused to make cool shelves

#13 Use old doorknobs as coat hangers

#14 Make homemade watercolors by dipping used markers in water

Source: Omgfacts

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