15 Google Apps That Make The Internet A Lot Easier

Google can be the internet's best friend, if you know how to use it. These apps created by google will make browsing the internet a lot easier and the fun part is that there is a chance you have never heard of these apps before. Take a look and decide which one you like best.

Google Translate


The Google translate app will let you translate any text you want. Just point your camera and take a picture of what you need translated. Its as simple as that.



Gmailify is a nice tool which lets you combine all your e-mail accounts in one. Save a lot of time.

Google Scholar


You can use Google Scholar to browse scholarly literature. You can look for literature from science papers or journals. A nice tool for when you are in college.

Google Keep


Google Keep is a fun app which lets you keep notes. Never forget anything anymore.

Google Timer


Much like a regular timer, the Google Timer will let of an alarm sound after the designated time runs out.

Google Sky


You won't need a telescope to look at the sky with Google Sky. Walk through the galaxy with this stellar app.

Google Fonts


Google Fonts is great when you need to look for fonts. It offers you a big list, so you can choose any font you want.

Google Art Project


Love art, but don't live near a good museum or art gallery? Google Art Project will let you view famous artworks right from home.

Google Think


This app will let you keep track of all trends, results and research results from the marketing world.

Google Trends


Google Trends lets you know which search results were most popular at that moment. 

Google Shopping


Buy anything with this great shopping app.



Panoramio lets you view photos taken from people all around the world.

Google Sound Search


Google Sound Search will help you recognize songs that are playing at the moment.

Google Images


The name says it all. This app is a great tool for searching for any image on the internet. And it is so simple to use.

Google Lego Blocks


Google and Lego now allow you to build anything you want right in your browser. Express your creativity, but be warned, this app will make you spend a lot of time on it.

Source: Brightside

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