15 Mouthwatering Food Combinations

Have you ever tried something so delicious and immediately thought that you can improve this somehow? Maybe you will want to dip your crispy fried bacon in some melted chocolate or maybe you will want to try some of these delicious food combinations.

1. Ice Cream Doughnut Sandwich Dipped In Chocolate


Make a doughnut sandwich with ice cream, then dip the sandwich in some chocolate. Absolutely divine.

2. Poutine PizzaTopping


Make a pizza with poutine topping. A delightful meal to cure your hangover.

3. Piecake


Basically a pie within a cake. Just make a pie out of anything you want and bake it inside a delicious cake.

4. Mac'n Burger


Stuff a regular burger with some mac'n cheese and enjoy every bite of it.

5. Waffle Sandwich

The Newly Weds Cookbook

Why not make a waffle sandwich with scrambled eggs and bacon. Top with a drizzle of maple syrup.

6. Pretzels Stuffed With Cheese

Slow Roasted Italian

Stuff pretzels with cheese and then dip them in even more cheese.

7. Grilled Cheese And Poutine Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Social

Make a mouthwatering grilled sandwich with cheese and poutine.

8. Double Cookie

Becky Bakes

Make a double cookie by stuffing an oreo in a chocolate chip cookie.

9. Bacon And Apple Pie

Better Cookies

Who says that you can't combine apple pie with bacon?

10. Double Cheese Cheeseburger


Make a cheeseburger with grilled cheese. So much cheese.

11. Brownies Stuffed WithCookie Dough

The Domestic Rebel

Stuff your brownies with some cookie dough and then dip the brownie in melted chocolate. This is what heaven must be like.

12. Latte With S'mores 


Roasted s'mores in my latte? Yes please.

13. Cinnawaffles

Dressed With Strength

Make waffles from cinnamon bun mixture. Never make regular waffles again.

14. Ice Cream In A Doughnut cone


Don't eat ice cream in regular cones. Eat ice cream in a cannoli cone.

15. Brownie French Toast Stuffed With Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Cafe Delites

Best. Cake. Ever.

Source: Diply

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