15 Ways To Expand Your Home And Use Up All Available Storage Space

Finding extra space in your home can be a rewarding task. You often find yourself lacking any space, in dire time where you most need it. For example, you need to some place to store your old clothes and make room for the new ones. These ideas will show you how you can organize your house and your space to be optimally used up.

Storage Trays Under The Kitchen Sink

The Family Handyman

Add shelves under the kitchen sink to store all your cleaning materials that you often use.

Add Shelves On The Back Of The Doors

DIY Life

Install shelves on the back side of the cupboard doors and use up all the space you can.

Using The Space Behind The Closet Door

Ana White

Like the cupboards, you can use up the space in your closet by adding shelves on the back side of the door.

Dividing Your Cupboards With Trays

Martha Stewart

Make sure you fully use the space in your cupboards by dividing everything with trays.

A Playroom For Your Kids

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Make your kids very happy by building a personal playroom just for them.

Add Shelves Between Your Cupboards And Kitchen Counters


You can store a lot of thing if you use up all the space between the cupboards and the kitchen counters.

Add Shelves Everywhere You Can

AB Home Interiors

Look for places in which you can install shelves. This will use up all the available space in your house and you can store and organize your space in a better way.

Install Drawers Under The Kitchen Counters

The Family Handyman

If you install drawers underneath the kitchen counters, you can store a lot of kitchen utensils nearby.

Place Storage Bins Above The Cupboards

Martha Stewart

Adding storage bins above your cupboards will allow you to store every item in your kitchen that you don't use very often, but you still will want it to be nearby.

Install Corner Shelves

Decor Chick 

Corner shelves are a great way to organize and store items in your house. They don't use up much space but they offer you much more space than they use up.

Install A Pegboard Wall

Martha Stewart

Walls that have pegs on them are a great way to use up all the space you can in your closet. Just hang up anything you want on the pegs.

Using The Space Behind The Door

The Family Handyman

The space behind your doors is a great place to mount shelves and to keep anything you want.

Install Slide-Out Storage Shelves

Classy Clutter

Add slide-out shelves in tight places that you don't anyway use. These slim shelves are perfect to store items that you want them to be close by and items that you use often.

Install Hidden Storage Places In Your Walls

Woo Home

Storage places that are hidden in the walls will not use up any of your space but will provide you a lot of much needed storage space.

Make Your Furniture A Storage Place

Sawdust Girl

You can use your furniture as a storage bin. Your chairs be used just like storage bins. Just add "lids" on them and place whatever item you need to be stored inside them.

Source: Diply

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