20 Ideas How To Organize The Space In Your Home

Everyday items can clutter up the space in your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your house. If you disorganize the space where you live in, you will soon feel very frustrated because, you might start losing stuff or maybe you won't have room for any new things. So, it is important to organize every room in your house and let me show you how.

Organizing Your Kitchen


You can use a simple pull-out table to save on space in your kitchen.


Placing your spices on a wall is a great way to save space.


Similar to the pull-out table, the pull-out drawer is a great way to store things in your kitchen.


A corner dish rack will save you a huge amount of space near your sink.


You can use special dividers for your drawers to improve the organization of the drawers in the kitchen.

Organizing Your Bathroom


Use glass doors to add more light to your bathroom and make a visual trick to make your bathroom seem like it is bigger than it is.



Install small shelves underneath the bathtub so you can store items that you don't use too often.


Install wicker baskets on the walls, which you can use to store towels or any other item in your bathroom.


Add special plastic pockets in your curtains, so you can keep items close to you while you are taking showers.

Organizing Your Bedroom.


Hidden beds are a great way to save up on space. Just hide them in the wall during the day and pull them down during the night.

Drawers installed under the bed are a great way to store bed clothing, pillows and pillowcases and other bedroom related items.


Kids will love using slide-out beds. They are just so fun, and they save a lot of space.


Another way to organize your bedroom is by combining the bed, wardrobe and work space all in one creative design.


Or you can just combine your sleeping area with your working area.


Use up the space in your corners by having a wardrobe built there.


Build poles on your wall on which you can hang clothes or shoes.


Mount V shaped shoe shelves and conserve a lot of space.


Organize every shoe that you own by using plastic tubes mounted on the wall.


Use shoe racks with built in drawers, which can help organize your shoes and save a lot of space by not leaving shoes laying around.

Source: Brightside

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