Drastic Transformations - 22 Celebrities Who get better with age!

Today is the age of looking young, there's always tremendous pressure to go under blade, laser, needle—or at least test-drive the anti-aging potions. We pulled together some famous faces, from superstar like Jamie Foxx to January Jones and Jennifer Garner, who prove that, like a fine wine, they only get better with age.

1. Jamie Foxx unbelievable transformation!


2. Kylie and Kendall Jenner sure look better now.


3. Matthew Lewis drastic transformation!


4. If Calvin Harris can change like this you can change too!


5. John Krasinski motivational transformation

6. January Jones amazing transformational journey!


7. If Taylor Swift can transform like this, you can do anything!  


8. Amazing look of Mindy Kaling tell you everything will be okay


9. Rashida Jones inspirational transformation!


10. Taylor Lautner dumped his spiky locks 

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11. Don't be disappointed with your look. Zac Efron is a beacon of light for you!


12. Jennifer Garner's beauty! Here ageing is a blessing.  


13. Chris Pine beautiful transformation with age


14. Andy Cohen can be your role model about ageing

15. Emma Watson! the beauty icon. Ageing make her gorgeous   

16. Blake Shelton! dream journey of ageing.

17. Chris Pratt, simply wow!

18. Nick Jonas got an adorable look in after photo!

19. Ryan Seacrest is everything about elegance! 

20. Tina Fey from funny to beautiful! elegant ageing.

21. If Drake can do this transformation, so can you!

22. Joe Manganiello super sexy transformation over time!

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