23 Delicious Ways Of Redefining Waffles

Ever get tired of the same old waffles over and over again? Well, don't worry anymore. These recipes will redefine waffles, so you can enjoy them whenever you can.

Waffled Hash Browns

Fat Free Vegan

No muss, no fuss hash browns ready to make in the waffle iron.

Waffled Banana Bread

Seven Spoons

The waffled banana bread will make your days a bit sweeter.

Omelette Waffle

The Gracious Pantry

You can add whatever you want on the eggs and just grill them on the iron.

Cinnamon Roll Waffles


The best thing to have in the mornings. So delicious.


Real Food By Dad

How to make the fritaffle? Combine everything there is in a frittata with waffle mixture.

Pumpkin French Toast Waffles

Dessert For Two

Add a some butter on top of them while they are hot and munch away.

Zucchini And Parmesan Waffles

The Pinning Mama

Zucchini and Parmesan are a great mixture. But a Zucchini and Parmesan waffle is even better.

Pizza Waffles

Twitter - @digg

Pizza topping are just divine on top of a waffle.


Food Republic

An amazing waffle that tastes like a falafel.


Pure Wow

You can make the tastiest quesadillas on the waffle iron.

Mac And Cheese Waffles 

Serious Eats

Everyone's favorite meal, Mac and Cheese comes in the form of a waffle.

Mashed Potato, Cheddar, Cheese And Chives

Joy The Baker

Why not reuse leftover mashed potato and spice it up with some cheese and chives.

Grilled Cheese

Huffington Post

Reinvent grilled cheese by cooking it on the waffle iron.



Don't have an open fire to roast s'mores on? Do them on the waffle iron.

90-Second Cookies

Recipe Corner

Feel the smell of the freshly baked cookie right from the waffle iron.

Belgian Brownie Waffles

Edible Perspective

Belgian desserts are world famous. How about a Belgian brownie waffle?

Waffle Churos

Gluten Free On A Shoestring

Don't forget to melt some chocolate to dip them in.

Doughnut Chips

Pure Wow

Waffled doughnuts sounds good. More please.

Waffle Apple Pie


Try making Apple pie on the waffle iron and never bake another pie again.

Cheese waffles

Pure Wow

If you are hungry for a tasty snack, give the cheese waffles a go.

Cornbread waffles

Edible Persepctive

An American classic made right on the waffle iron.

Waffled Pretzels

Will It Waffle

They go great with beer.

Waffle-Iron Baked Apple Chips

Cupcake Project

Add some cinnamon after you bake them and enjoy.

Source: Omgfacts

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