23 Life Hacks That Every Cat Owner Needs To Know

Owning a cat has many positive sides. Cats are very cuddly and can be very fun. But owning a cat can also be a hellish experience. They tend to claw everything, climb on top of everything and just leave hairs all over the house. But, worry no more. These life hacks are here to make your life much simpler and with less cat clawing and cat hairs. Check them out.

#1 Grow your own catnip

#2 Improve your vacuum cleaner to clean hard-to-reach places

#3 Use a dryer sheet to remove cat hairs from your clothes

#4 Nail caps will prevent your cat from clawing everything

#5 Make a little tent for your cat by using a shirt and coat hangers

#6 Toilet brushes make great cat scratchers

#7 Feral cats will love these DIY shelters

#8 Cats wont climb on surfaces where there is double-sided tape

#9 Shallow plates are great to use to make you cat eat slower

#10 Make a hammock under the desks and chairs

#11 Bookshelves are excellent for a cat exercise area

#12 Use plastic pitchers to pour cat food easier

#13 Sow together two baskets and make a secret shelter for your cats

#14 Add little boxes near your workplace and your cat will never lie on top of your lap top

#15 Repair window screens with window screen tape

#16 Create a hidden area for your cats in cabinets by using a door panel and a curtain

#17 Make a multi-layered bed and cat scratching post all in one

#18 Make scratching posts by adding carpet tiles on the walls

#19 Toilet paper rolls can be reused as a cat toy

#20 Cut the lid of a tupperware container and make a simple puzzle toy

#21 Remove cat hairs by using rubber gloves

#22 Make a little bed of grass for your cat to lay in

#23 IKEA shelves are great for your cat to climb on

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