A Bathroom Scale That Will Make You Smile Every time You Step On it

Measuring weight is a stressful task for a lot of people. They just don't like the number that show up when they step on the scale. James Stumpf certainly came across with the same thoughts in his life. That is why he developed a fun scale - the Fluidk, a scale that will make weighing much more interesting and will make you forget about stress.

Fluidk is works when you apply pressure on it, or if you step on it, the little tubes fill up with fluid and thus measuring your weight. Pure simple science.

James Stumpf

The designer himself has explained how this scale works exactly. He states that when you step on it, the fluid from the small containers gets pushed down the tubes and depending on how much you weigh, the scale precisely stops at a number representing your weight. Another interesting feature are the valves and ports that you can calibrate your scale with, so it is always precise while measuring your weight.

The design is intentionally transparent, so you can watch the green fluid move through the transparent tubes. It just looks so interesting.

James Stumpf

The old dials and digital numbers can be so boring to look at while you are standing on the scale. The bright green liquid is much more interesting to look at.

Make weighing yourself like a little science project. 

James Stumpf

Source: Omgfacts

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