A Kindergarten Design That Lets Kids Do Whatever They Want

A new positive look on how kindergartens look

There is only one rule that all kids share, kids just love to run and play around. And one problem with today's kindergartens is that they spend a lot of time just sitting around doing nothing. Japanese architect Takaharu Tezuka certainly didn't liked how he spent his kindergarten days, so he designed a special kindergarten design that lets children do what they want. 

The roof of the kindergarten is a giant playing ground on which kids can just run around and release all their negative energy.

A classroom without walls

The previous attempt to reorganize the classrooms with crates did not end quite as expected. Kids ended playing with the crates instead of organizing the classrooms.

A kindergarten designed to best suit the kids minds

Psychologists all agree that if kids feel like they are restrained, they tend to get very nervous. And the feeling that the kid is closed between four walls can frustrate them very much.
But because this kindergarten doesn't have any boundaries or restrains, the kids can feel free to do whatever they want. They can run in circles, scream all they want, they are free to do anything. 

Things are intentionally left a bit risky because kids like to solve difficult challenges and they when they overcome some of these risky obstacles, they will feel like they have conquered the highest mountain.

Take a closer look at how these days spend their days

Source: Upworthy

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