Does Your Battery Run Out Fast On You? Here's why.

The battery on your phone sometimes runs out too fast and you are left wondering why. But there are some rules about how you should charge your phone, so the battery will last longer. Check them out.

1. Don't Charge Your Phone To 100%

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Some experts feel that you should never charge your phone up to 100%. They recommend that you should keep it at about 50% to 80%. That way the battery life will last longer.

2. You Let The Battery Run Out Completely

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Another big mistake everyone does with their phone is that they let the battery run out or reach 0%. This is a big mistake because you are shortening the life of the battery and you should never let it run out completely.

3. You Overheat Your Battery

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Another way to damage the battery on your phone or to shorten its life is by overheating. Heat causes a lot of problems for the device and you should try never to overheat it so it works like it should for a long time.

4. Don't Use Wireless Chargers

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Wireless chargers cause the battery to overheat and I already mentioned what kind of trouble heat can cause.

5. Don't Charge Your Phone With The Case On

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When you charge your phone, always remove the protective case first, because the phone won't charge properly.

6. Keep A Backup Phone Charged

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It is a good idea to keep a spare phone for emergencies. But make sure that it is charged.

7. Always Use The Right Charger For Your Phone

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Always make sure that you use the right charger to charge your phone. If you use the wrong charger your battery won't charge the way it should and will lose its battery life very fast.

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