Dubai Will Be Having These Luxurious Floating Villas This Year

Looks like Dubai is set to impress the world again with this wondrous architectural marvel.

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates hopes to complete its Floating Seahorse project, which is composed of gorgeous floating villas. What is unique about these villas is that they are partially underwater.

Specifically, The Floating Seahorse Will Have 42 Villas


Every Villa Has Three Levels And Offers 1,700 Square Feet Of Luxurious Living

The Top Level Has A Jacuzzi, Shower, Kitchen, And Even A Bar

The Lowest Level Will Be Underwater And Lets You Have Your Own Grand Aquarium

Both The Bathroom And The Bedroom Will Be In The Lowest Level

The Central Level Will Be Your Living Space Complete With A Dining And Kitchen Area

Hopefully, These Will Be Available By The End Of The Year

Source: Bright Side

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