Express Yourself With Urban Decay And Ruby Rose

Urban Decay, one of the most popular beauty company today, recently has released  their brand new eyeliner and eye shadow for their 20th anniversary and is there a better way to celebrate their anniversary than to present their new products with one of the hottest model/actress today, Ruby Rose.


This combination certainly makes a lot of sense. Ruby Rose is one of the edgiest celebrity today and everything Urban Decay makes matches exactly with Ruby's style, bad-ass attitude and her wonderful and energetic spirit.


And the perfect match of that combination, Urban Decay and Ruby Rose was even confirmed by Ruby herself. She says the Urban Decay is the perfect brand that promotes individuality and expressing yourself. She also feels that these two values are very important for everyone that wishes to explore ones personality and true value. 

Its not clear whether Ruby Rose will have her own product line within this new collection, but for now she is certainly happy to promote beauty, individuality and edginess. 


It seems that their collaboration has just started and will only continue to grow to something very successful and Urban Decay have announced that we can expect much more soon. 

Source: Cosmopolitan

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