Get Paid To Walk Dogs With This Great New App

A lot of people like dogs. And it is understandable. Dogs are great company, they are very loyal and they are just fun. But unfortunately, a lot of dog lovers can't afford to keep their very own dog. Either because they don't have the space, or maybe not enough free time to fully commit their attention to raising and keeping the dog or maybe their partner just doesen't like dogs and is more of a cat person. 
But, recently a brand new app has been released that you can use to find people that can't tend to their dog friends and you can become their dog walker and you would get paid for it. Imagine getting paid for doing what you love very much, spending time with dogs. Wag is the app that makes that possible.


​First thing you need to do is sign in to Wag and answer some dog related questions like: "Why do you think that you are suitable for a dog walker?" and other similar questions that will ensure the dog owners that you are the right pick to walk their dog. After this short background check, you can mark yourself as availible and wait for dog owners to "employ" you as their personal dog walker. It is a nice way to have fun and get paid for it.


But this app is very useful for dog owners too. Any dog owner can browse for availible dog walkers nearby and schedule any of the availible ones to walk their dog whenever they need it.

The creators of this app wanted to help every dog owner with some of their dog related chores or to be more precise, with dog walking and at the same time the app also helps dog lovers spend some time with man's best friend and get some money on the side.

Source: The Dodo

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