Hilariously adorable results of Kids trying a variety of breakfast from around the world

A bunch of American kids trying traditional breakfasts from around the world. Here are the hilariously adorable results…

  • First up was the Korean breakfast, and for the most part, the kids weren’t really into it.
  • Next, they tried Brazilian breakfast, and they were really thrown off by the coffee.
  • Even though they had never heard of Finland, they seemed pretty into the Finnish cuisine.
  • While the smell turned some of the kids off from the Vietnamese breakfast. Once they gave it a try, they seemed to enjoy it!
  • This little guy was really pumped when he saw the breakfast from Poland, but once he took a bite, he was not having it…
  • It’s safe to say everyone’s favourite was the chocolaty toast breakfast from the Netherlands, which the kids couldn't believe was actually a breakfast food.

All in all, the kids seemed to enjoy the food…even if they had no idea where it came from.


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