Kids Make Friends With Shelter Dogs By Reading To Them

A dog shelter in Missouri, USA has started a program for fearful dogs which involves kids reading books to them. The Shelter Buddies program prepares kids before allowing them to read to dogs. After their training the kids sit in front of the locked dogs and read their favorite books to the shy dogs. The program directors were thinking of a way to rehabilitate the dogs and make them ready for adoption without any kind of physical contact. But the dogs are not the only ones getting the benefits from this program. The kids are also practicing their reading skills while also making a friend for life.

Kids enjoy reading to the dogs and the dogs love it too

The dogs are much calmer after the kids are done reading

The dogs enjoy being in company with the kids. This is exactly what is needed for them to be adoptable again.


Check out the complete video here: 

 Source: Bored Panda

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