Man Builds An Actual Think Tank To Freely Give Books

Some people just want to watch the world learn. For Raul, tackling ignorance with the power of reading is his life mission. In order to make people notice, he made a tank not to destroy, but to educate.

Raul Lemessoff Has Created A "Weapon Of Mass Instruction"


The Artist From Buenos Aires Wants To Fight Ignorance

He Turned A 1979 Ford Falcon Into A Mobile Library

There Is Even A Turret And A Gun That Is No Longer In Use

In Total, There Are Around 900 Books In The Think Tank

Raul Traverses The Streets To Give The Books For Free

And He Tells The Recipients To Promise To Read The Books

He Humorously Noted That His Mission Is Dangerous

But He Likes To "Attack People In A Very Nice And Fun Way"

Check Out Raul In Action

Source: Bored Panda

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