Man Finds A Clever Way To Keep His Garage Even With The City Council's Disapproval

Sometimes, you just have to do things on your own even if the government does not offer support.

Eric Vekeman is a Belgian who was recently told that he would not be given a garage permit, but he did not let this stop him from building one. He just closed his food shop and wanted to create a garage, but his town's aesthetics needed to be protected.

Good thing he found a brilliant way to have a garage while making it look like another shop window.

First, He Moves The Bench Away


This Is Where The Magic Begins

He Pulls It To Move The Lower Portion Of His "Shop"

It Easily Slides To The Side

He Then Puts These Temporarily

And Drives The Car Out Of His Cleverly Designed Garage

Another Perspective

Eric Puts Back The Brick Display

And Makes Sure That It Is Properly Placed

He Makes A Quick Glance

And Closes The "Shop Display"

Now He Has A Garage While Preserving The Belgian Townscape

Source: Bored Panda

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