The Latest Nail Polish Trend - Pom Pom Nails

Nail polish trends can change pretty fast. Only some of the boldest and most creative ideas can stick around for a longer period of time. And nothing is more bold than Pom Pom Nails. It doesn't matter wheter you like them or not, you must agree that this brand new nail polish idea is one of the best today. Take a look and decide what kind of Pom Poms you will put on your nails.

1. Pom Poms and colorful nails combined together.

Don't worry about the pom poms hindering you from doing anything. Just make sure that you look great.


2. Rainbow Nails

If you combine the color of the nail polish with the color of the Pom Poms correctly, you can make it as if you are wearing a rainbow on your nails.


3. Candy like nails

Add candy colored Pom Poms and you will surely attract a lot of attention.


4. You can never add big enough Pom Poms.

Be bold with the Pom Poms. They can never be big enough. Or you can just add a Pom Pom on one nail and make every other nail different.


Source: Diply

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