The Most Creative Drinking Game - Drinking Jenga

Are you getting tired of playing the same drinking games over and over again. Beer pong can be interesting, but it can get boring very fast. Throw a ping pong ball inside cups? Not too creative. How about a nice game of drinking Jenga for a change? Sounds good, right? Just take any Jenga set and write truth or dare challenges on every Jenga piece, just to make the game even more interesting.  

You will enjoy trying not to tumble the Jenga tower down, while you drink and do challenges and tell some embarrassing truths. 
How to play it, you ask? When one picks a piece they must do the challenge that it is written on it, otherwise they must drink. Each player takes turns until the tower is knocked down, in which case you can start over. Just make sure you don't drink too much.



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