Astonishing Photos Of Melanie Griffith And Her Pet Lion In The Early 1970s

It was the early 1970s, actress Melanie Griffith mother, actress Tippie Hedron, and stepfather, director Noel Marshall, were making a film about big cats when they decided to take him in and get to know him better. These photos first appeared in Life magazine, and captured what it was like for Neil to live with Hollywood royalty. Have a look at the photos of Big Cat with Melanie Griffith!

Here's Griffith hanging out poolside with Neil.

Melanie Griffith jumping in a swimming pool while pet lion Neil grabs her leg. Sherman Oaks, California May 1971 

Neil is a Family Pet! Joyful with Griffith Mother!


Nap Time! The bed must be very comfy. 


When you have a frickin' lion to use as a cushion! Who needs a chair?

And he Love it too!

Playing with the Lion!

Even The Big Cat, Neil, would walk with her to the fridge.

Neil in Office to visit Marshall.!


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