This Guy Had Enough Of Seeing So Much Trash On His Way To Work And Decided To Do Something About It

Tommy Kleyn, a guy from the Netherlands, was very annoyed to see so much work near his bike trail to work. So, he took matter into his own hands and and decided to clean up all the thrash, one day and one thrash bag at a time. Eventually the community started supporting him and some people even joined him in his task. Check his amazing story and see how you can make a difference in your community.

Everyday, Tommy rode his bike to work along the river bank, but there was only one problem

Part of the river bank was very polluted with plastic garbage

Tommy hated seeing the thrash everyday so he decided to clean it all up

It took him nearly 30 minutes to fill one bag of thrash

But one bag wasn't good enough

So, Tommy started to fill one bag of trash each day

This is how much he cleaned in 6 days

He started sharing his progress on Facebook

And eventually people started joining his cause

Cleaning was a lot more effective with more people

A nice before and after picture

A lot of people started supporting Tommy and they all said what a great idea that was

Hidden trash messages

This was the last bag of trash

This is the only item that Tommy kept from all the trash

Tommy now wants to motivate all the people to start collecting one bag of litter each day

It takes only 30 minutes a day, but the end results are something to be proud of

Here is an Eurasian Coot nesting in a part which Tommy cleaned up

Source: Missy Sue

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