Watch What This Lady Does to Transform Here Windowless Basement Suite, Simple and Very Effective

This is a great idea if you have a really dark basement. this lady didn't spend much money but the results are incredible

First, she bought LED plant-growing lights. She wanted the brightest option that wouldn't be flammable -- this was it!

She mounted them to the wall.


She put a wooden acrylic cover over the LEDs.

Source: reddit

To diffuse the light from the bulbs, she made a cornstarch mixture with water (it had the consistency of skim milk) to paint over the acrylic.

Source: reddit

She included a cross over it with cheap plastic moulding to ensure the window seem authentic.

The make finished product looks like a real window she pulled curtains over it and it looks like sunlight in coming in!

Its looks WOW, isn't it?

Source: reddit

Its may not as good as real but it can certainly fooled anybody as real. I bet she'll feel much better and love to spending more time in her home office from now on! 

Source: reddit


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