You Will Love Antwerp In Belgium If You Always Text While Walking

China and the United States have been the first countries to have these. Now, Antwerp in Belgium also has "text walking lanes" for people who just can't help but be glued to their phones while walking.

The Belgian smartphone specialist named MLab noted that many people have their phone screen displays broken when they bump into each other while walking. Other phone-related problems included having buttons and cases destroyed.

In order to stop this, MLab humorously made "text walking lanes" in Antwerp.

It's A Narrow Lane Dedicated For People Using Their Phones

It Was Jokingly Made But The Intention Is Genuine

Hopefully, Fewer People Will Bump Into Each Other And Accidentally Crash Phones

However, Not That Many People Are Using It For Now

And Looks Like This Woman Is Not In The Right Lane

Source: Bored Panda

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