Young Couple Decides To Quit Their Boring Jobs And Travel Around The World

Matt and Jessica Johnson's story starts like many others. They finished college and got jobs but they didn't like how their lives were going. Watching TV on the sofa every night, not doing anything special or anything enjoyable. And they decided to make changes fast. They decided to quit their jobs and spend their saving to but a sailboat and travel around the world together. And they brought their cat Georgie along with them. Check this amazing story which will make you question if you live a full, fun life.

They first thought about traveling around the world in 2007

Matt constantly talked about how much he would love to own a sail boat

And when they faced the dilemma to either buy a house or a boat, they chose to buy a boat

Initially they just wanted to spend their summers on water

But they sold their house in 2011 and decided to take a tour around the world

They were so excited about their new life

That is when they adopted Georgie

Georgie loves the boat as much as they do and she can swim

Matt and Jessica feel that sailing together only brought them closer

Georgie loves to watch the fish in the water

Matt and Jessica were tired of hearing stories from other people about how they couldn't follow their dreams until they retired

They were first scared when Georgie jumped overboard once

But they were very relieved to see her climb back on board

The happy couple once lived the American Dream

But they got tired of living their lives without any excitement or fun

And traveling brought them just that, a life full with excitement and fun

And Georgie is certainly a huge part of the happy family

Now they have visited over 16 countries so far and they couldn't be happier with their life changing decision

Source: Bored Panda

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